Home Energy Audit

Professional energy auditing for your home.

About Home Energy Audit

The home energy audit takes an in-depth look at the energy consumption habits of you and your family. Whether you’re a young couple or a large multi-generation household, WattSmart provides all the necessary labor, tools, software, and expertise to conduct a one month inspection of your home’s energy behavior.

Pinpoint Problem Areas in Your Home

Measurements are conducted at the branch circuit level and on a per minute basis, providing you with in-depth, realtime analytics on your consumption behavior. This allows us to build a comprehensive energy profile of your home or business, giving us the information we need to help you curb your energy usage and cut down on your electricity bills.

Save On Your Household Energy Bills

By understanding your family’s daily consumption habits, you’ll be better equipped to make practical and feasible adjustments to your home in order to cut down on your energy bills. Whether it’s replacing and repairing old appliances, or simply addressing wasteful behavior practices, your home can take real steps towards true home energy efficiency.

Get Professional Support and Recommendation

Our team of energy experts can provide real-world adjustments and recommendations on how to get the most out of your energy consumption. With the help of the collected data, our reports and recommendations are designed specifically to assist you and your family, resulting in an end report that is unique and actionable by your household.

Educate Your Children on Energy

Energy saving practices are best taught early. The home energy audit is a fun and practical way to teach your children about how electricity works in your home, and how you can prevent energy waste. As energy users themselves, it’s important to get your kids involved in managing your home’s electricity more efficiently.

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