How It Works

Our state-of-the-art energy auditing process is simple and straightforward. Want to know how it works? We’ve listed the entire process for customers to understand how exactly an energy audit is accomplished.

STEP 1 : Schedule

Schedule a meeting with our energy specialists by clicking on the appropriate link and providing your contact information.

STEP 2 : Site Visit

After your details have been verified, an energy specialist will contact you to schedule and confirm a site visit to properly inspect your desired premises (residential or commercial).

STEP 3 : WattSmart Package Selection

As soon as the site has been thoroughly inspected, our energy specialist will recommend WattSmart energy management packages. Once you’ve confirmed your desired packaged, you may schedule the on-site installation of the WattSmart EMS device.

STEP 4 : Installation

The WattSmart EMS device will then be installed by a certified energy management team. As soon as the device is installed, the energy auditing process can begin.

STEP 5 : Data Collection and Monitoring

Depending on your availed energy managemt package, the WattSmart EMS device will collect all relevant information on your energy consumption habits. In order to ensure the quality of the information, the auditing process lasts for a month.

STEP 6 : Demobilization, Report and Recommendations

Once the auditing process is completed, the WattSmart EMS will be uninstalled. An energy specialist will then provide you with a thorough report on your energy behavior, as well as recommendations on how to reduce your energy consumption.

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