Small Enterprise Energy Audit

Professional energy auditing for your SME.

About Small Enterprise Energy Audit

The small enterprise energy audit is a comprehensive single site study on your business’ energy behavior. WattSmart provides all the necessary labor, tools, software, and expertise to conduct a one month inspection of your business’ energy consumption habits.

Get In-Depth Analysis of Your Business’ Energy Consumption

The small enterprise energy audit checks up to 160 branch circuits or major equipment, providing you a comprehensive picture of your business’ day to day energy practices. The audit then provides a unique report outlining your business’ consumption habits alongside key recommendations and practices on how you can reduce energy waste and properly manage electricity consumption.

Save Up to 20% on Electricity Consumption

Through proper planning and adopting best energy consumption practices, your business can save up to 20% on electricity bills. Using energy consumption data specific to your business, you’ll be able to address cost centers within your circuit, allowing you to make necessary adjustments to operations that can help you significantly reduce costs.

Implement Best Energy Practices for Your Employees

A large part of proper energy management is adjusting energy behavior among employees, staff and personnel. By identifying sources of energy waste in your business, new protocols can be implemented to help guide and direct employees in order to ensure that energy is used efficiently throughout every business day.

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